What Profound Questions Should You Be Asking About Death

Profound question you should be asking about death

Be courageously clear when evaluating questions about death.

So what profound questions to ask about death?

Too often, when thinking about death, we ask ourselves the wrong questions. We ask ourselves questions that are practically unhelpful. Rather than asking questions that guide us in preparing for death’s inevitable arrival, we ask questions that cause more confusion. I believe that the root cause of this confusion is because of the word “why”.

Conversely, there are questions that we can answer. It’s to these questions that I now turn.  Could there be questions that will practically help a person prepare for inevitable death?

I propose that rather than asking yourself questions beginning with the word Why… ask yourself questions that begin with the word What. Unlike Why questions, What questions are extremely practical, and as I have discovered, they are life-changing!

Think about the power of What questions versus Why questions. What questions point to the future. Why questions turn to the past. Facing death is emotional and difficult. When a loved one’s death occurs, we feel an incredible loss of control. Asking Why questions continue to perpetuate that feeling of not being in control because, short of discovering a functional time machine, the one thing we cannot control is, the past. But we can control the present.

Each new day provides a fresh opportunity to make choices that will impact our future. What questions provide the context for making those crucial, daily decisions. 

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Article written by:
Kendall R. Keeler 
author of Your Last 24


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